But the dose is bitter

panchwati college

Before coming to the point it will be interesting to note the background of the blog. The college mentioned above is of an Institute whose promoters are into confectionery business. Selling candys, choorans(digestives) etc. Now they are to Dabur what Nirma washing powder was to HLL’s Surf.  So, as children loves the candy’s they decided to be in education line. Just joking oki, the matter is more serious!

And what better ‘business’ then opening of an Engineering college. If  we can be in competition with Dabur then why not with IIT’s. Generally when successful businessmen venture into totally different Enterprise the project is often set up on MS Office excel sheet. The thinking generally goes that investment on land is secure. We have, say 160 seats in 4 engineering branches, each student will pay us atleast average a lac of rupee. Total will be =160×100000=16000000/- Oh mY god, Ok 5% spent in publicity, another say 20% on salaries of teachers…the rest will be our profits, year on year….aooo what a margin,,,yeah great business scenario.

But REALITY CHECK: student have now recognised the merit and demerits of getting a BTEch degree from ‘inexperience’ colleges. So In this part of Western UP about 15-20 colleges are looking to declare zero session2009-10 due to low number of students. Some are yet to open the account. So to survive we have to sell education like we sell candy’s. Offer discount to students, offer trade discounts (commission on every student admission), freee seat with every admission, free hostel. So it is for anybody’s imagination that what sort of education shall be provided. Infact it can be assumed that these colleges in future shall be delivering sub-standard materials incapable of achieving global standards.

Students, parents are not to be blamed. Sole blame lies with the government and its bodies like AICTE or UPTU who have helped in assuring that the Education Mafia thrives & survives. Support to HRD Ministry to wind-up the AICTE and other reforms. May good sense prevail.