and the nation is struggling!!!

India threatened !!!We Indians are in for some embarrassing times in near future. At least some recent happenings & events point in this direction. The supposedly watchdogs of the Nation-the Judiciary and the Media – are in their comfortable, introspection slumber – with the former busy in debating that whether to make public their assets forgetting the need of the citizen to get quick- heal justice and the latter busy in pumping their independence bandwagon but ultimately blowing it up in servility.

This is the situation which we faced when we were attacked and conquered by the Greeks, the Muslims and finally the British.

Our political and ruling class is also in deepest of its slumber. First talking of the bravado’s of the ruling class. Battling the financial crisis the government has to show that it believes in austerity. This lid blows when 2 of its prominent ministers in charge of External Affairs get trapped in 5-star accommodation muddle doling out the tax payers money to tune of over 1 lac per day. So they are made to shift to Bhawans from 5star Hotels. So now, both are busy in rebuilding their image. While the younger one allows N.D.T.V cameramen to follow him as he goes dining for some street-side golgappas. The other says that he will travel economy when he moves out of the country. Good sound imagination. But they look lost when it comes to reaction to the Chinese incursion which have increased across the Himalayan Range. The common man can see that something majorly sinister is on the cards but Delhi seems to be sleeping. Similarly our response to Musharraf’s acknowledgment that he used US aid against India is also lukewarm.

While Sonia is amazingly flying economy, her son Rahul Gandhi decides to do some PR by moving through train, risking his vital life as also his fellow passengers. Surely can’t see much reasoning as to what sort of austerity is this. Again coming to Rahul he may have good commanders in Sachin Pilot, Jitin Prasad or Scindia’s or Jindal’s but the very base of the Party, its workers are demorlised or corrupt. In fact there are reports that how money is being demanded by the party leadership in the state of UP to give important party positions to the cadres for as low as 3 lac of rupees. Surely Rahul have to get rid of these aberrations to hope for his party’s revival in the Hindi heartland. But Delhi seems sleeping.

Then we have various ministers busy in renovating their offices and houses. But India is all set to looses its status to hold Common Wealth Games 2010 due to lack and delay in infrastructure building. While we are busy immersed in relatively easy US Open tennis victory of Leander Paes (in doubles) or Tri – series Cricket win in Sri Lanka, the Delhi CM feels nervous on readiness before the games, so to find scape goats it wants the Centrally controlled MCD to be put under Delhi Government. What an idea sirji. Look how swine-flu turns to ‘hysteria-flu’, the education eforms ends up in debate on Universities nomenclature’.The YSR death have made Congress look extremely precarious and unprepared. Also the reports coming out points that the widely reported mass shock-suicide in AP was engineered and farce. Embarrassed ruling party means embarrassed  Nation.

The lack of opposition inter-party and intra-party unity have also eased down the ruling coalition. The leaders of main opposition party BJP are busy fighting themselves than keeping tab on the government moves. Veterans like Arun Shourie is busy in vitiating against his Party leaders and forget the point he used to raise earlier like black money, corruption and national security. Jaswant Singh is busy in selling his book on Jinnah. So Delhi is sleeping.

But there seems some hope. Watch AAsTHA religious channel in the morning. And listen to the points being made by Swami Ramdev and his other Acharyas. They are in efforts to unite India, to awaken the ‘Indian Swabhimaan’ which also, at present, seems to be in deep sleep.