Is HRD missing the plot?’

educationThese are difficult times- when one is not sure of what, when & why ? But the issue that has been raised below in the blog deserves our vital attention. Because it affects us the most. The New Education System.

Some recent actions or atatements(!) by the Union Minister HRD are indeed welcome. Atleast somebody is thinking of the vastly outdated Indian Education system !
To come to the point on Full fledged Universities and Deemed to be Universities. From the student’s point of view (who will be the ultimate beneficiary of any new improved education system) this issue is basically a non-issue. Who cares if the University is deemed to be University or a full fledged University. Ultimately it is the quality of education provided by these Institutions which shall matter.

There are many institutes which are providing world -class education -take IIT’s, HBTI, TIFR or TISS, or for that matter the IIM’s which do not need any tag to prove their credentials. This is the quality that pulls quality students towards them. Since everybody is not able to have access to these institutions they look for other avenues and institutions.Here comes the role of Government. They made guidelines so that Universities fulfilling a certain criteria comes up. They give Deemed University status to institutions they see fulfill aims of spreading quality education. They affiliate the institutions with Central and State Universities so that standard-quality can be maintained. Thus role of HRD should effectively be that all the players are providing the basic important thing – providing standard, world class education.

The notification to not to use University will prove confusing for the gullible public. It is somewhat similar to sub-caste system within a caste system...the basic purpose is lost. Government has to assure that the concerned Universities or Deemed Universities are upto the criteria that is essential – like research, quality of teachers, teacher-student ratio, infrastructure, foreign collaborations. Take my words many a full-fledged Universities are below the mark. The Chatissgarh Universities (they were supposed to be Full-fledged ones’) scam is still fresh in our minds. See below an attachment where-in an Institute advertise heavily saying it is an UPCOMING University. Take a look at the sheer no. of substandard engineering colleges that have been granted affiliation by UPTU or AICTE.

So HRD mnistry is well advised to see to that all the institutions move in the direction of QUALITY EDUCATION. Strong monitoring mechanism is required so that these Universities, deemed to be Universitites, Engineering and Medical colleges live upto what is required of them i.e Quality in Education.They should develop a relevant, course-wise Institutional ranking system. Lets not divert the attention of a Institutions’ management into frivolous legalities and confuse the society already burdened with loss of faith and ethics.