On whose agenda Narendra Modi is always targetted by the so called ‘intelligentsia’

There are opinions
building that media should hang itself in shame (for at one point in 2004 they publicised official position that Ishrat jahan was a ISI agent), that police is the murderer and that Modi government in Gujrat is Communal; Echoing his sentiments Manish Tiwari, Congress Party spokesman has gone to the extent of claiming Modi government as ‘Adamkhor’…oh!.what love of Democracy are they showing?

They conveniently forget that fake encounters have happened in the past in other states also be it national capital Delhi, UP, Uttaranchal, Maharashtra, North-East, list goes on. Most recently no intellectual or spokesperson came out to question the circumstances that led to the killing of 27-year-old Chungkham Sanjit by police commandos at the Imphal Market. These encounters are questionable but judgment on the government is never passed and should not be passed. By same yard stick should we say –  Sheila Dixit is an ‘aadam khor’ or Mayawati is a ‘murderer’….

But it happens for Narendra Modi. Tarnish his image at any pretext! Does he asked Police to encounter these individuals? Or his Home Minister instigated the Police to kill them? No way? The Police System in India need reforms. Or their frustration level needs to be looked into! The policemen accused in this case are already in Jail for their earlier mis-adventures. So these dirty bags need to be removed and How should be point of discussion!

The encounter may be fake, and should be investigated, but the so called ‘intelligentsia’ should keep their bias to themselves. the intelligentsia is conveniently overlooks all the aspects, the context of encounter and squarely blames the government. This selective biasness of the media is the factor it should hang itself in shame. They are instigating communal divide by linking this fake encounter to Modi government. Those dead were Muslims. They didn’t recognise that HC in Gujrat is so free that it can question the administration when in doubt. But our dear ‘intelligentsia’ want the wounds of 2001 Gujrat riots to remain fresh…on whose AGENDA is the question ?