Blue & Dil Bole Hadippa would be disappointments of the Year…What’s Your rashee seems interesting but not inspiring…

  • blueBlue – Most hyped movie, but I cannot say it to be most expected from the audience point of view. From the look of the film, through its promo, this multi star venture looks like another ‘CASH’, ya the  same dud, which find a place in top Ten worst movies. It is hyped in the Film industry because in Bollywood anybody with solid cash-flows can generate it. The names of AR Rehmaan, Rossol Pokkuty – the Oscar winners-are nothing to show as far as songs are concerned. Action looks artificial and public in general are aware that how vis VFX action stunts are created.No novelty Luck.Would be a disappointment.
  • DilBoleHadippaDil Bole Hadippa – Shahid Kapur will be seen after the successful Kaminey. The movie like any Yash Raj production looks glossy. But this gloss does not seem to have the soul. The music is shout-full, which the songs appearing to be ‘item-numbers’. And seeing Rani Mukherjee in a sardar-get up is too much to expect from the audience sensibilities. She looks like old classic vintage heroine changing to men’s get-up to earn for her ill mother, fallin in line with the truck driver hero and in the climax the woman coming on the screen. This Dil Bole Hadippa would be a disappointment for the Trade and for Rani Mukherjee. The producers attempt to drive publicity with Rani going to mandirs and all  shows that the film lacks substance and YRF know that only Lord can save them the blushes.
  • wantedWanted – Now this movie sure will be a winner for the beleaguered film industry. Releasing on the eve of Id this Salman-all the way – starrer would see a massive opening –a la-Ghazini and kambakkhat Ishq. Would be a crouwd puller and full of seetis & throttle. Prabhu D(h)eva and Salman Khan pairing as Director-choreographer-actor is sure to work, Audience will love it. I am looking forward to have a First Day first Show dekko of this WANTED. being a remake and action film this would be the biggest draw of 2009.
  • ThreeThree – 3 – this Vikram Bhatt production seems to take – off from earlier VB directorials –Fareb and Raaz. The film fails to arouse much anticipation as the star-cast lacks the intensity of the story that is being tried to be told on scree. In an interview to Taran Adarsh on etc VB has said that before embarking on film making they first make appealing – promos  and based on that go on to make the film. So if this is the criteria the film looks tired effort and is all set to be wash-out. The songs aren’t attractive or seductive enough.
  • do-knot-disturbDo Knot Disturb – wow. Families would love watching Govinda-David Dhawan antics. Perhaps this would be perfect revival tonic for Puja Films and its mentor Vasu Bhagnani. It will pass the race course, no doubt. Keep disturbing
  • all-the-bestAll The Best – Audience in India laps to an entertainer. And what to say of Rohit Shetty directorial comedies. They are just butchered by critics but loved by the masses who matters. Remember Golmal Returns, this man, managed to convert it to a Block buster, inspite of no=script to film. This is because he has his hands on audiences pulse. One of his last film Sunday barely managed to scrap through but the viewers did enjoy it.  This Ajay Devgan production is a sure-shot winner, last year on Diwali it was Golmaal 2, now its Alll the Best.
  • whats_your_rasheeWhat’s Your Rashee – this Aushotosh Gowrikar film is well made. But the problem here is expectations from this Director who has given us magnum opus of the level of Lagaan and Jodha Akhbar. In between he made Swades, which was a dull affair compared to his earlier production. This time its seems that history shall repeat itself. The story of this movie looks interesting…but, but its not inspiring. The song are sweet and good but does not have to get BO ringing. And see other than song they are not having anything new to promote the movie other than Aushotosh-Priyanka war of words at a film award function. How old-fashioned tactics…hire some new PR mannnn….

With about 6 films releasing in a week, as this Friday, good films may go unnoticed. Atleast 4 films carry good reviews for them but response was lukewarm –Y.M.I, Love Khichdi, Shot Gun Murugun and Kissan. So there may be some films that I may have missed … so all the best. There are some Like Aladin, My Name is Khan, Me and Mrs Khanna, London dreams for which it is too early to comment. Happy viewing.