Amitabh BachchanNot everything with Media is wrong

“…I read somewhere in the convoluted columns of the press that my absence from the city of my ‘karmabhoomi’ causes consternation and uncertainty for those producers whose films lie on hold due to this long absence. The ineptitude of the fourth column even when it constructs frivolous news is so laughably inaccurate, that I find it difficult to rid myself of a ’stitch’ that builds up in my stomach from indigestible garbage !

There is no such anxiety. Simply because, there is no pending work on any of my films. Knowing the nature of my friend’s illness and the time it would require from him in repair, I had planned months ahead to complete all work by end June so that I could be with him, work commitment free. That was accomplished before I even left the shores of peninsula India to come to island Singapore. Five of my films are ready and complete – Aladin, Rann, Teen Patti, Paa, Johnny Mastana. Release and marketing and post production activities are in operation and none of my producers is in any kind of agony. And let us assume for a moment that they were, how does it affect the life of honored ‘lady’ or ‘layda’ of the exalted press. Their money is not at stake, they have no creative involvement in the product, they are not the artists in any of the films. They have but one and only one connection -” when will the film release so we can smother it with vicious review.”…Big B’s views from his blog – – day 492(i)

So as you can see Amitabh Bachchan, The Big B, obsession with media bashing is turning rabid. Sometimes he is right. But the problem that is arising is that he is considering a very small subset as whole universe, meaning that few reporter’s in the entertainment industry does not represent the whole media…

The ‘real’ media is rising, continuously growing and impacting the society. Like the casting couches in Industry does not imply that Mr Bachchan is also engaging in one so does few media men and womeen does not represent the sorry state of media industry. Surely their are rotten fishes but you will find it everywhere, in every field of life and business…

I have suggested Mr Bachchan to pay heed to this link:

…as it shows the positive role media is playing in this society…This is the True and Humanitarian face of the media… people like Gopi (presently he is chief photographer with The Hindu) work with both their heart and mind in place and look how they affect the society…..this is single example that should surpass all of Big B’s bitterness towards the 4th estate.