How can we decipher this message!!!

Its Raining-at last !!

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When we thought we shall be facing drought, with no major shower till date as the season passed, its raining heavily today !

I feel like drenching myself. But with all the leather and Electronic items I carry with me….its just not possible.

I can see mother cow smiling with Her calf. I can see the ‘stray’ lonely dog running with joy. God save him from some speeding demon…

I can see the cool innocence of the children eager to say ‘daag acche hain’…I could see people standing on there balconies to welcome rain Gods.

I could see a woman, drenched to core, taking special care of her dupattas… I can see expectations on some faces – हाय हाय यह मज़बूरी, यह मौसम और यह दूरी…     (famous rain song picturised on Zeenat Amaan in Roti, kapda aur makaan)

I could see the wet grass’s ‘want’ to get trampled, I could see the bud’s ‘want’ to give fragrance. I could see the reason for an old tree to sprout again…

The leaves are getting greener. The parched land is active again to might the rustling-bustling daily routine of the ‘perishable’ living being…

The Almighty wants to say something to us…for He is ‘crying’, now continuously