The ‘junta’ have appreciated the efforts

got it!!!
got it!!!

When Naseer Khan would have decided to make a flick for himself, he must be in two minds. Should he go for it or not? As the writer-producer-actor of Shadow he must be discouraged at every step – for his eye handicap & by the Trade!

He could not get buyer for his effort and decided  to release the film himself throughout the nation. And believe me as an audience the film is descent, the stunts by a blind man are commendable. More so I am proud to have watched this film as my contribution to Naseer Khan’s valiant effort. The audience always pay back for valiant attempts. Shadow is , as expected, panned by critics. Its an hardcore masala film, remember what Mithun Da/Jitender used to churn out few years back! Shadow is panned for ‘sloppy’ acting by its lead actor. But they conviniently forget how today’s star like Abhishek Bachhan also looked awkward in some of his earlier films. And the lead hero in Shadow is Blind. It is apparent in some scenes that he is not walking staright or trying too much. But herein lies Shadow’s strength. Some stunts are breath taking, even Stars with eyes use double for such scenes Rohit Nayyar has proven himself as an able director.

Now Naseer Khan is starting ‘Rocky Rockstar’ with Rohit again as Director. In an interview he said that the hero would be decided depending on Shadow’s response. My take Naseer you have already proven a point to the Industry and public have accepted you. You have tremendous feel of visuals, music and Film medium. Do not take to acting. You are best as a Producer. Remember Himesh Reshammiya was lapped up by the audience for AAp Ka Suroor but got panned for Karz.

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