But Why they want incentives for being a Muslim?

Note some patterns that are emerging during past some time. Noted actor Emraan Hashmi claims loudly alongside his mentor Mahesh Bhatt, in front of media,that he is discriminated against and not allowed a flat in a society in Mumbai, because he is a Muslim. He later backtracks and say sorry it was mis-understanding. Sanjay Dutt when debarredfrom contesting elections repeatedly said in election rallies that he was badly treated in Jail because his mother, legendary Nargis Dutt, was a Muslim.

Latest is Shahrukh Khan. He claims that he was harassed at Newark Airport because ‘his name is Khan’. He contradicted himself by saying that it was routine American thing post 9/11. But damage has been done…

These 3 actors represent Bollywoodwhich is followed by million dreamers. What their statement has done is to damage the very delicate fabric that binds various religions in India. No doubt they have got publicity for themselves and their movies but its consequences are detrimental to  nation’s peace and unity.

So why Emraan, SRK and Sanjay Dutt wants themselves to be treated above law and rule and regulations. Why do they need incentive for being  Muslim celebrity.kistch!!!! What American have done to SRK is what they do to every other individual coming in their country. Why SRK needs special treatment. Indeed his conduct would have been suspicious for authorities to question him repeatedly. Earlier, says SRK, that this treatment was not like fresh one,so SRK must have been at fault. Coming to Emraan Haashmi,the ‘kissing Muslim’ he forgot that his fans comprise also vastly of persons whose religions are anything but Muslim.

Public figures must be concious on what they speak and do in Public. If like these ‘stars’ have got their foot in the mouth they should be publically censured. Remember our educated society was earlier divided due to Mandal Commission report implementation, when we got to know that he is Brahmin,or he is Yadaav or a Reddy,earlier at least in ‘educated’ society it was not the case.

For God’s sake pls do not divide us further. Lets try that SRK’s new movie ‘My Name is khan’ is rejected by the masses in protest against SRK’s publicity stunt.