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go for it...

Chanakya: more than relevant now

I got an opportunity to go thru the magnificant mega-opus Chanakyaexecuted brilliantly by Chandraprakash Dwivedi. No need to say it was once in a lifetime serial which was well directed, well researched, well acted tele-serial that was surely mirror of those times-around 325 B.C. In 2 days I sat through 18 episodes(out of total 36 i hope) of neeti, raj-neeti & ran-neeti.

What is  astonishing is that we are witnessing that history repeats itself.
Those were the times when Bharat was divided into various districts and republics which were  in competition with each other. Similar situation exists today.Then Alexander took the advantage and easily fulfilled his ambition of aworld leader. Now several ‘greeks’-inthe form of U.S and China using our neighbours to browbeat us.

On this independence day it is more relevant to wake up the Chanakya in all of us. Its a case study to see how an ‘acharya(teacher’of a Gurukul in Taxila, managed to motivate the sleeping egos and ethos of common men to rise above individualism and to love ‘The Nation- Bharat’ and managed to uproot the Greek empire.

Chanakya has a lesson for each of us, the world citizen, that strong will and planning, stretegising and execution can ring Peace, rather than using the term Chanakya neeti to score narrow political points…

next blog: How Chanakya, managed to uproot the Greek Empire !