mumbai dreams in meerut-thanx to IFTI




let the action start
let the action start



“… that whoever doesn’t starts with this belief never gets the prasad of vidya. … This entire world is comparable to a dream. If you see it, … devotion paves the path for the realization of this awakening & experience. …” – Bhagwad Gita

And what bigger dream than Cinema! The Broadcast Medium! Perhaps its the only medium which have left no heart untouched…its the medium that each one desires to be a part of!

The visual medium is phenomenon. To say ‘Realising dreams to life’ would be apt. So its a surprise that this mass-medium does not have an ‘industry’ status. Inspite it providing vast job options from spot boy to high technicians its been a medium that is frowned upon as just a glamourous medium. Talking of hindi heartland, the film-industry is not more than glamour where actors are choclatee-clean shaven macho type…and actress one who wears less clothes and ‘must’ have sacrificed herself to be part of it.

Like everything, things come down to lack of education of the field, lack of education of the craft. Bollywood is not all about glamour and money. Bollywood is all about talent, creativity, hardwork, patience and determination. Its a serious industry.

Lack of education is primarily because people go for their wards towards traditional education courses of Engineering or Medical… Everyone desires to be recognised and be famous , but hesitate to go for vocational courses. The desire soon dies.

Talking of film and TV, training institutes are very uncommon. One which are there are very costly, beyond reach of the potential ‘middle class’. Those in hindi heartland are all about minting money from gullible. This writer himself after doing Graduation and PG tried for FTII’s and NSD but could not manage to pass through as very less seats are available. So desire keeps simmering (It was the bloggong revolution that gave this author platform to pour out its love for Bollywood).




action begins in meerut
action begins in meerut

But things seem to be changing for the better.




For in Meerut, heartland of North India have started IFTI – Indian Film & Television Institute -the infrastructure looks astonishing, and the ‘vision’ of the promoters looks real.

… and for sure its the Hindi heartlands largest and most mordern film and television institute.

let the dreams flourish…