being anti-evm is being pro-democracy!

Mr Rahul C. Mehta, an IT specialist from Ahmedabad, has raised some important issues that somehow prove that evm’s(electronic voting machines), widely used in our National and Assembly elections, can be rigged by mere ’10-12 persons in an unnoticeable, unpredictable way’. He says:

“…only humans are innocent till proven guilty.EVM isn’t human.It is rigged untill proven unriggable…”

Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta has given an advertisement in The Indian Express dt.31 July’09 justifing how results thru’ evm can be manipulated.

This argument has serious reprecurssions, seeing the recent surprises that the Democracy has seen. A surprise content of the above advt. is how the newspaper has clarified in the end that contents of the ad are not its view. So much of fear of official backlash?