How is it to be made April Fool in July?

My former colleague Susil today made me look like a fool (not rose, chameli type but FOOL type). And in the process gave me piece or two of wisdom:a) trust u’r friend always, never underestimate u’r friends commitment  and b) never trust u’r friend, because he has every right to play prank. And today I got undone with one of it…

The issue was simple. I got Susil’s message thru’ gmail chat. It said one of our mutual ‘mitra’ Mohan has got a series of promotion and have become a Production Manager in a reputed publishing firm. I replied that’s great. That he deserved it. Suddenly I saw that this ‘promoted’ fellow Mohan is also online. I congratulated him. He said thank you ‘sharat’. Called me by name! o.m.g. 

Till then he always used to greet me as bhaiyaa or ‘bhaiji’ but by name. I thought ok. Then I said whats’ new…he replied that he has called a meeting now, is busy and ‘I’ can call him in evening…aghast.  Then i turned to Susil and intimated him at the turn of events, that this is the first time I am seeing persons change color sooo sooon.. I even thought that I have got a new topic for the blog. Susil said“…shit..this is very bad, and that he will talk to Mohan on this”…Then my ‘promoted’ friend sent a message – ‘koi kaam ho to bata”…aila…..ab yeh kaam bhi karega hamara..? I said sir what work can u do for us?…He replied back…there are some vacant positions in his co. and if I can recommend someone…! I said ‘sarcastically’ that in my company a post of VP is vacant he should apply for it? Till then my temp was high, how could he ‘change’ on me?  Got back to Susil and wrote choicest of ‘flowing gaalis’ to him . I said that my dear one is now my sworn enemy, abhi hawa nikaloonga. etc etc. I was annoyed.Very annoyed.

Now I am embarrassed, very embarrassed. Because then at that time I got a call from Susil saying that he was playing prank and gave phone to Mohan, who asked me that why am I giving gaalis to him? So it came out that Susil got Mohan’s id and password. He just saw me online and played with me. And I became a football.

But…Mohan, you b*&^%$#@ why can’t u keep u’r password secret. And in this age of technology be careful while trusting your friends.

Now count the number of question marks that are there in the post. And this is just the sample I got many of those when I was been played like a football.

Happy ending???????????????