coming out of  SHADOW


In first week of August a movie Shadow is scheduled to  release. This Rohit Nayyar directed action flick will in all probability be lost in big budget, big star dominated Bollywood. If it get noticed it is surely to get panned by the virtuous critics. These critics are the one who would go to extent to praise over-hyped and low on substance movies like Harry Potter 6 or some SRK flick but would kick aside movie like SHADOW with disdain. No wonder many of these critics who when ventured into Direction and film making were kicked out of the Box Office. So coming back to Shadow. What make Shadow worthwhile.? Why every educated, elite, sophisticated Bollywood lover should promote flick like Shadow. 

This is because Shadow has in the lead role Nasir Khan, a man who cannot see in Real life. He is complete blind. He is enacting a character in the movie who can SEE. He drives his own car. He has performed himself, some breath-taking stunts and has the spirits to dance like a star. No wonder he is producing the movie himself. Nasir Khan laments lack of support from the Bollywood. It again his fighting will that have enabled him to overcome his physical disability.

Nasir Khan was not blind from birth. He is short and stout. Does not fit into Hero mode from any angle. Few years back he suffered some eye ailment and come out blind and shattered. After 3-4 yearss his life gears back to normal. Although being from a business family monetary he was on strong pitch but still needed a push. He gave this push to himself.

Salute to his spirit. And whatever be the B>O. outcome of Shadow, Nasir Khan has shown that challenges are not bound by handicaps.

Cast Production Credits

Nasir Khan – Arjun Sherawat (a sharp shooter)/Raju (a car mechanic)
Milind Soman – Rahul Kapoor (a reporter)
Sonali Kulkarni – Sanjana Rajpoot (a cop)
Hrishitaa Bhatt – Sheetal Pradhan (reporter)
Samir Aftab – Abhishek (P.A. of Home Minister)



Director: Rohit Nayyar
Producer: Nasir Khan , Shamshad Alam
Music by: A R Rehman