‘Sach Ka Saamna -moments of truth’ stir lives- Our strength grows out of our weaknesses 

Some brave ones are doing this on National Network. Some call them Stupids, I call them Practical. After all huge money is at stake. So I put the above question to my circle of middle class ‘hpmely’ professionals. Almost everyone were of the opinion that they will speak the truth. But I can observe that if polygraphic test (that determines truth on the show) is done than it will show FALSE.

zindgi ki agni-pareeksha
zindgi ki agni-pareeksha

Imagine a scenario – you have a chance to win a huge amount. You just have to do a simple thing. Speak the TRUTH. The question confronts you with  dark bedroom issues which even your closets may not be purview of. Would you dare to speak the truth: Tricky indeed.


       So the show is stirring the hornest’s nest? Because in each contestant we can see our mask coming down. I have observed that audience trying to give the answers (to themselves only) for the questions that are put to the contestant. They shake their head in disbelief as it is very very difficult to recall Truth even to self. Everyone in this life has friendships, betrayals, fantasies, secrets which are best ‘kept secrets’. These closet truths are now coming out. Most awkwards are the relation linked questions – teenage pregnancies, sex with prostitute, sex with relatives, fantasies etc. that are making show controversial.

As the host of the show, Rajeev Khandelwal, says: it is easy to accept truth in public but its difficult to accept it in front of your close and dear ones – Sach ka Samna is doing just that. And it has overtaken all the scandals happening in jungle-shungles. Show cause notice have been issued to Star Network for this show. But that immaterial. Whether or not the show is banned will be a ‘politically motivated’ decision as seldom we can find someone accepting the reality. We can be all gun-ho, gay and happy over section 377 abolition but when it comes to truth we are too scared. In fact there were reports that public- persons like mahesh Bhat, Aman Verma, Shakti Kapoor etc have not consented for the show as they found their careers may be at stake. The personalities that are coming are ones who have faded out and telling the truth may give thema new lease of life…