Lets sympathise with the Supreme Court

update: The SC in its order yesterday on this issue have stayed the Punjab & Haryana HC order of terminating the pregnancy of the girl. The Judges have inferred right to motherhood on the mentally-challenged victim.

The last couple of days have been tough on the country’ highest body- The SC. They are to judge on 2 issues that not only have legal consequences but also have wide-spread social ramifications.

On the issue of Article 377 and Gay Rights much have been said and discussed. The other issue that comes before the SC today is much more complex and sentimental.

the dark world

A 19 year old is pregnant (she conceived the baby after being raped) for 20 weeks. She is willing to give birth to the baby. But the issue lies in that the girl is mentally challenged.  On a petition by Chandigarh Administration the Punjab and Haryana HC ordered the termination of the pregnancy which the girls’ lawyer contended in the Apex Court.

The petitioner delved on the interest of the girl for motherhood. The SC has then observed that the girls IQ is of a nine year old, how will she understand the implications of motherhood and whether the new born will be fit or shall be mentally challenged. Since medically and legally time is running out for termination, the court will take a final hearing on the matter today.

This is a very serious & complex issue questioning our civility. The mentally challenged girl is raped in Nari Niketan in Chandigarh. She gets pregnant and wants the child. The Administration being practical and seeing the poor orphan girl’s plight seek to terminate pregnancy.

Oh My Lord ! May God shower you with all the wisdom and whatever decision you take does the best for the girl.!A-men!!!