Dainik Jagran & Amar Ujala are two of the leading hindi newspapers in the country particularly in West UP. These papers have well established themselves with the readers’ trust and acceptability. And they are fighting it out for the ‘business’ that drives any industry. Fight to be the leader. Fight to be No. 1. And the readers are enjoying to say the least.

Massive outdoor campaigns can greet you if you happen to visit Western UP (for info West UP comprises Meerut, TAj City Agra, Bareilly, Aligarh -famous for Aligarh Muslim University, Bronze City Moradabad regions etc). So what’s the story! In short its that Amar Ujala was a leader in the region till upto say 2003. Dainik Jagran with its ‘Western UP assault’ campaign in 2002 started creeping into the conscious of the educated and the intellectual class. With ‘mordern’ leadership and Management’ DJ grew to become the world’s largest newspaper. The monopoly attitude of various publication were shaken. Then started the readership game. In India, the readership figures are compiled thru’ National Readership Survey and the Indian Readershp Survey. These figures are derived through mass sampling excercises which is based on the Brand recall among the newspaper reading population. These readership figures can be further classified ito Total Readership, average readership, demographically, dak (district level) etc. These surveys always remain in controversy as they seldomly reflect the true picture (for example at Meerut level it is generally proven and believed that DJ is far ahead of its nearest competitor AU, the readership figures somehow show it with low numbers). But in the absence of any alternative source of info these are taken up by corporates and their agencies to plan out their media-buying and spending. The more your no.’s the more share you shall get. And there-in lies the fight.

So DJ has managed lead in IRS 2009 survey, Round 1 Total Readership. And it is leaving no stone unturned to put it in every mind (in fact Jagran has started a campaign DJ+blue color = gift, which means anyone wearing blue color spotted by ther team would be given a gift). This will ensure better figures next time. Similarly AU is countering this campaign. It has to match the new leaders might. After all in these times of  recession and client rationalising their media spent, low figure will mean that your competitor will walk away with all the cake. Also the trends in non-metro markets towards advertising is for ‘instant’ response rather than only brand building. With newspaper space cost increasing at a rate higher than that of real estate or gold (about 20% annually) quick return on investment is desired by the advertiser.

But surely the advertisers and media buyers will not have their life easy…here come Dainik Bhaskar to be the largest group in the country.bhaskar

Numbers do count. But everyone will get its due space.