The Maya Revenge 

 Now how does Mayawati react ? Clearly the politics is over the Dalit vote bank. Mrs Bahuguna has been sent to 14 days judicial custody, her house in Lucknow in a high security area has been burnt down completely. And Politics have started with SP joining and condemning her arrest. The Ruling Congress has asked Governer to submit report to the Centre on the issue. This incident follows close to the heels of police beating up denizens of Amethi, Rahul Gandhi’s constituency agitating for more electricity. 

the queen
the queen

Mrs Rita Bahuguna Joshi, the UP Congress Head, is in trouble.  Her fault was that in her moment of glory in front of party workers she said something that corrborrated our beleifs that politics have stooped to dirty BTB levels. She said in reference to some rape cases that happened in UP and the govt. giving compensation to the victims, that Mayawati (the UP CM) should be raped and then given 1 crore compensation. Highly inaapropriate and slandarous statement no doubt!  So she has been slapped cases under SC/ST Act, which is non -bailable offence. Mrs Bahuguna has later apologised for the statement saying it has been taken out of context. As usual!

 So Congress getting taste of its own medicine ! How? Flashback to Varun Gandhi, who was slapped with NSA for a speech he denied making. The Congress then supported Mayawati. Had she been taken to task for selective implementation of laws they could have been saved. But the circle will complete its phase. Mrs Bahuguna, unless the Centre get seriously involved (not with its CBI’s, you naughty 1) will definitely have tough time, understanding that Mayawati is a powerful lady who gives back a brick for every stone thrown on her. And these Congressi are trying to weean away her coveted Dalit vote bank….how mean !!!