How (& why?) God leave us Helpless !!!

update: the mother is no more. she expired today morning in the hospitals. she was with Her near and dear ones. my friends’ loan application for the life saving machine was tragically rejected by the Syndicate Bank on Saturday after completion of all formalities and assurances. Today we were to try with other banks and the family had decided to go for costly Personal Loans by private bank. ishhhhhhhh. the mother refused to take the oxygen. perhaps she realised that her sons are trying too hard for a lost cause. The mother has bid adieu to the world. may her soul rest in peace..


A friend & colleague of mine is feeling helpless. And this helplessness is not due to any earthly-materialistic thing. Its because of the the most precious thing we have in this life…our parents.

hopeHaving lost his father few years back, he has only his mother. The mother is ill, very ill. And no one cn do anything to curb her distress. To elevate her pain. To make her stand on her feet again!

Her both lungs have failed. She is on a machine to breath. Doctors have offered no hope. We all are helpless. She will be on the machine now throughout her life. Its distressing for us all.

My heart goes to my friend. His wife is taking care of her at home. He is busy looking out for a Rs 1 Lac loan to finance the machine and visiting doctors for a ray of hope. He says that he has got his life to repay the loan but wants his mother to live smoothly and happily. He has not slept for more than 2 hrs in past 5 days. At a brink of sleepness his eyes gets open and he goes near his mother to see if she is ok. And is releived to hear her breathing hoarsely. When I met ‘mother’ I said to her that she has to stay long and has to see her grandson. But I am helpless too. In my hope is a fear.

Is there not a cure in this world that boasts of extreme technological advancements. If not cure how can her life be improved and prolonged?

I pray to GOD let not He be helpless…Pls find a way out….

There must be a hope …somewhere ?



He who does not hope to win has already lost.Jose Joaquin Olmedo

 When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.–Pauline R. Kezer