quoting from the Big B blog: “…I am mightily amused at a report that came from the MidDay in somewhat bold headlines through the good offices of its HitList editor, Sarita Tanwar. .. During my meetings with them I have expressed concern over some of the wild stories they have been carrying which were not only completely untrue, but were simply not worth their weight in carbon print. This I must in all honesty say, they acknowledged and also gave assurance of them not recurring. Having been in the profession for over decades of media interactions, one gets immune to these words of ‘wisdom’ from them – my credentials resting in the fact that apart from my 40 year tenure in the industry as an artist, there is also the privilege that I have acquired of  seeing many of their ilk retire and merge into oblivion. I find it odd that they would , or she would, devote an entire page on castigating me and my family on the issue of the use of my car and its connection to global warming !!…

May I just add that this did not come suddenly to me. What did come to me suddenly was an sms from their journalist Tushar stating as follows –

‘Mr Bachchan just wanted to check if you are aware that in the US there is a move to ban SUV’s as they are called ‘gas guzzlers’ and bad for the environment. As a brand ambassador of iifa, who supports the green revolution ( and even have a green carpet event ) have you considered not using your SUV’s ? Thank you. Tushar from MidDay’

I am aware that my acumen in keeping the press happy and co operative is abysmal…. and neither do I have the required savvy to invite them to social gatherings and parties like a Karan Johar does for his birthday to Sarita Tanwar and others of her ilk. …….

If media needs to be nurtured for personal gain I would imagine it would destroy their very tenets of unbiased reporting, would it not…….. So yes it is disappointing to see a disparaging attitude by the media towards me, because I was unable to or was unaware of the required and necessary pandering – an activity that many others follow so effectively !!

My apologies therefore to the press and to every journalist worth his or her ‘yellow pencil’ in this my most sacred fault !!”…read it all on

So hard hitting reply indeed by Big B to Sarita Tanwar, Tushar and the entire team of the HitList of Mid Day. And He is entitled to defend and hit back. Just as Big B is not God so is Media – media is meant to be media of information, to shape views, not to disparage an image of an eminent person or for that matter of any ordinary citizen.  Indeed he has taken on some journalist-mechanism to create ‘table stories’ and to sensationalise an issue. Like in this case Journo Tushar gets some info that US govt is planning to phase out SUV’s from the market as they are considered fuel guzzlers. His creative (or destructive!) mind then linked this info to IIFA’s effort towards’green life’ and Mr Bachhann happened to be its Brand Ambassador and he owns a SUV like million others.

Oh what a pity for the journo and the editor to create sensationalism. Remember unlike most of us the Big B is atleast propogating something worthwhile for our lives….