Why Kambakkhat Ishq was lapped up by masses & battered by classes?

           Believe me…anyone I talk to regarding KI answers with smile, whether they have gone thru’ the movie or not. They criticise it with smile and they praise it with smile. Although criticism is far and between, not significant when we see the initial reports of the voluminous business the movie has done in its first week of release.kambakhtishqpro2

             And look who is decrying the blockbuster. Its the so called sophisticated, elite, who find platform on some silly news channels. These sophisticated want themselves to be considered ‘hat-ke’. If like all they start praising the movie they will not be heard and would be part of millions! So to be different they take different course, they give word to their notions, they start finding faults.. Its a hit formulae many a times. Sometimes you fall flat. As with the KI critics!!!

        I have read reviews that says that KI is illogical. The story is ‘no story’. Akki and Kareena acted pathetically, actors like Boman and Javed Jafferi are wasted. The music is jarring, the film borders on vulgarity, story is lifted from some kamla Hassan classic in Tamil, etc etc etc. But who cares. The voluminous response generating value for the viewers and the industry is all one wants. Viewers want entertainment. The entertainment can be logical like in New York or illogical like KI, we will lap it up. I have seen atleast couple of kids starting to dance on Om Mangalam and lakh lakh whenever the songs appear on the TV screen. The grannies and nannies are grinning. It means that the movie has been able to build a bond with the masses.

          Not to worry. Most people have loved KI. Little have hated it out of sheer compulsion. But everybody have noticed KI. Long live the Bollywood for creating our 3 hr dream world.