short take on gay’ism

gayThe recent Delhi HC judgement abolihing of Article 377 is being hailed as some sort of historic event. And this can happen only in India. The judgement’s significance lies only in that it protects right to choose. The law-enforcerers shall not use the said Article 377 to blackmail non-compliants. This is welcome. But…

But…the judgement is being hailed as something that has allowed homo-sexuality. This is dangerous. This is blind-following of Western no-hold barred shit culture. Homo-sexuality should not be atoned at any cost. Religious leaders from all religions should stand up together against this belief. The PDA’s (Public display of Affections) that followed the judgement, the sort of photographs that were published throughout the print media was revulsing to say the least. The proponents went abegging as if encouraging all to be homo….shit.shit.shit.

Let the better sense prevail. Sex between  two consulting individuals should remain a private affair.