Not in Peace – even after demise !

this is itMichael Jackson’s only fault was his Grand Stature… Stature that was made by his fans who transcended all boundries of Nations, regions and groups. He mesmerised his audiences with his enlighting compositions, he mesmerised his viewers with his innovative breed of dancing with pelvic thrusts.

mithunIn India we has our Mithun Chakravarti called Indian Jackson. He used MJ’s style to lure the public. We have choreographers like Prabhu Deva, Remo who swear by MJ’s name. We have reports that Remo with Prabhu Deva planning a concert at the Gateway of India to give tribute to the departed soul.

Now look what MJ’s close associates, his relatives and the media are doing to his great legacy ! They are tattering his image. No doubt MJ was in severe controversies during his lifetime but that should end with his demise. But they are fighting over his will(s), his estates, his adapted children. Media is going to town depicting graphic/horriffic details of his body-malfunctions, all san sensitivity.

MJ have given a new meaning to music and dance to the world. We should respect and remember him for that. MJ is no more. he needs peace, this is the least we can do for the legend.