kapil_sibbal_final_20090529Kapil Sibbal, HRD Minister, have touched every Indian household with his first 100 day plan to rejuvenate the education system.

The plans, the talks were necessary. They bought about the urgent need of education reforms. It has long been held that the present Indian education system is for creating ‘literates’ not the ‘educated’ class. Particularly fromm bottom-up we have people who are literate as they can sign their names but not ‘educated’ as they should thrive in civil society.  Kapil’s biggest achievement is that he has been able to start a national debate on a very important national issue. Things will improve in due course.

Sibbal’s plans are from primary education to higher one. He plans to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio up from the present 11 to around 30 in another 25 years.  For this he proposes to privatise primary education taking on board the local government. He is working on IGNOU type model for primary education thru’ distance education…a novel idea indeed…

The Union HRD Ministers favourite endevour is Higher Education. He has criticised previous HRD ministries rush to grant Deemed University status arbitarily. Perhaps he will stem the rot that has set in particularly in higher  education. Taking case of UP- every and any well-politically connected ‘agent’ is opening an University. Perhaps a Chattisgarh type University scambomb is waiting to explode.

published in Dainik Jagran 24 Jun'09
published in Dainik Jagran 24 Jun'09

There  are institutions who are advertising ‘UPCOMING UNIVERSITY’ even before been granted permission. I dont’ understand that why the education is being treated as ‘purely commercial movie-release type’ enterprise. Their target is the gullible small town public who will get lured to attractive big media blitz of these agents.

Surely education industry should be profitable but  but the colleges should not be made to be a rusted machine that churn out ‘Literate Unemployed Engineers/graduates’ in mass quantity. With low aptitude and lack of proper training these individuals would be a threat to society and unemployment ratio will bound to increase. But one point is sure that with the proposed one regulator quality of education will definitely improve.

Mr Sibbal’s opinion of abolishing 10th Boards is debatable with my point being that for what aim the student will aim? Even if you introduce grades and percentiles that shall again put pressure on students. So my take is that education needs to be practical and exams must stay!

Kudos again to Mr Kapil Sibbal for ‘Thinking of Education’ and working and experimenting with ideas to improve it.

———————————————final take……..

too eager to open the shop
too eager to open the shop