Ooo God….Chill please

When it comes to the vagaries of nature India is a land of xtreme and we Indians have learnt to use the weather to our own advantage. So when it rains we stop work and pray for rain to stop. When it is cold we pray for Sun. And when it is hot we pray for rain.Clouds

This cycle continues. But Summer at 45 degree is the most uncomfortable period. Sitting in office without AC (electricity cuts), or moving out of offfice is unbearable… JFD – just feeling disgusted:

At 45 degree

my mind is on boil

feeling desperate

my feelings are on boil…

At 45 degree

I have luxury to cool

but what about those

who go to sleep

without even food…

At 45 degree

my body burns without hope

but how does

the cattle and stray dog cope…

At 45 degrees

the relationships are boiling

the earth is parched

and the eyes are waiting…

At 45 degrees

what is low is hope

what is lost is will

what is left is prayer…oh God! Chill