this lotus need to bloom again
this lotus need to bloom again

BJP will bounce back…it has to bounce back ! Internal bickrings and churnings are vital….

Self-confindence is the first requisite to great undertakings


 In BJP it appears that everybody is fighting everybody else. There’s churning all around….questions are being raised with counter-questions arising. Debate is on – what ideology to follow, what stregy to be adapted, reasons for the defeat    ! and hopefully, answers are coming out. Seelf-confidence among the leaders and cadres would help in reviving the Party.

Lets talk of defeat. Is in Democracy these results indicate that BJP is defeated? My take is NO. BJP is still the second largest Party in terms of seats, it got 36% of vote share. The ‘wisdom’ voting by the electorate saw it getting less seats and Congress gaining but this is the GOD – the Game of Democracy – one will win and other will not win. At least BJP should pride that wit Congress it has managed to stop the selfish regional politicians stalling Nation’ s development with their whims and fancies.

As I put it. The churnings in BJP is vital. It fought elections on LK Advani. LKA fought bravely but could not get equired numbers That’s it.  Why blame game. Blame game is necessary as long as it is constructive. Serious views of senior party leaders like Aroon Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Jaswant Singh need to be heard. BJP also have its Youthful face – Arun Jaitly, Varun Gandhi, Swapan Da Gupta. It has good analysts in Chandan Mitra and Sudheendra Kulkarni. It appears that with this churning somebody has to accept the venom and that should be Rajnath Singh, being the leader of a National party, he focussed on his constituency alone to win at any cost. He should take the moral blame.

BJP is vital for India. For voters who have given it 116 Lok Sabha seats. The clock has again begun to tick…