all hollow...
all hollow...

Need better deals from the Railways


It is said that ‘jab tak mata nahin bulati tab tak darshan nahin ho sakte’ so t(h)anx to the Railways my trip was cancelled….. The Train came 6 hr late, the AC coach did not worked…the coach was smelling like anything, filled with dirty water emnating from the toilet… I came out of the train, not worth undertaking journey risking a kid’s health ….the Darshan next time….

loser Lalu, the former Railway Minister, is solely responsible for the Railways present pathetic condition. All his bbuffooonery and talks/lectures in IIM’s on turning-around Railways are hollow and horriffic. Perhaps he can lecture only in IIM’s as they seldomly travel by common-men trains. We still have poor hygnic conditions in most trains, catering is pathetic. Still has to wait for long hours in queue to get reservations, the online reservation is most of the time to slow to be used.

Oh Mata…save us from Lalu’s and the Railways