The bashest(!) team won the T20 Finale…I luv Pakistan and I am an Indian!!(https://omsherryom.wordpress.com/2009/03/06/just-feeling-sorry-for-pakistan/ )!

Everybody loves to bash them. And I am not talkng of Politics or Talibanisition.Its their Cricket Team that continued their nature of being unpredictable world beaters. In a replay of their earlier World Cup one day victory in 1992 they lifted The World T20 Cup completely decimating the much-fancied Lankan Team.

t20 1

Pakistan’s victory shows their mettle. Their fighting character. When anyone in India questions Pakistani peoples inaction towards terrorism, this T20 victory shows the reason. The Pakistani, like The Indians, tend to be low profile immersed in daily lives of hectic work, entertainment and cricket. But when faced with eventualities or  on inkling of external  they unite behind their ignored leaders to fight back. Like-wise against terrorism they will stand and definitely fight back.This spirit is typical of the Great Indian sub-continent and among the diaspora worldwide.

The Pakistani Team started their world-cup T20 campaign disastarly. As usual their Board started playing their own self-games. The team united in diverse situation and hence the end-result. Special mention to the Captain, the seniors in the game who set aside their difference, if any, and played for their country’s honours. Hope this brings a new hope in Pakistan.The game won.

And Sri-Lanka also deserves credit for their fighting performance. India for once saw it all from sidelines. Better have a fit world class national TEAM the next time round.