Dreaded dacoit Ghanshyam Kewat alias Nanhu who was involved in a gunbattle with police officers in Uttar Pradesh’s Chitrakoot district has escaped.
missing the plot
missing the plot

This is the news thats coming in.

That he managed to give a slip to over 400 police-wallah shows his abilty(!). He killed 4 cops including top PAC Commander. Was holed up for over 2 days. Yet managed to escape. (He has been killed after the escape and his accomplice has managed to get away). This means that dacoit had the support of the local people and that police was not trustworthy for these villagers. This also shows the preparedness of UP Police (!). What in 26/11 type situations, God forbids ?
To make a point, UP Police is a highly mis-used force. It has been mis-used by all powerful and politicians. They may be brave but they lack motivation. They are tired lot. They are not being updated on new technologies. They are under-staffed. Severe political interference has dented its credibility. Remember the ongoing police constable recrutment scandal that has been decided by SC in favur of the dismissed personnels.
Perhaps this episode shall be an eye-opening one. I Pray !!!