victimWe adore our celebraties. We immitate them. Follow them. Love them. We hail them. We hoot them. But we always need these role models.

Bollywood is tremendouly fllowed. There are routine scandals and casting-couches. But RAPE is just pre-posterous. Shiney Ahuja in a fit of moment lost out on his heroism and idealism. He not only ashamed his wife or his family but he has let down HUMANITY. He may bounce back after convicion but the victim will have to live with the trauma and stigma throughout her life. Its time that Shiney be given an exemplary punishment so that Rape is feared also b those who dare it. Intellects silence is sorry. Pressures would be on the poor maid to change her testimony. Let not Shiney get scott-free in any legal garb.

 Shobha De I mention shocked me with her defence of Shiney. Directly and indirectly.Now look what Shoba De, noted columnist, writer, socialite and feminist hopes against hope that Shiney is innocent. She hopes that in the end the victim prosecutrix comes out as a conniving Vamp. She insists that bollywood will will back off supporting Shiney because he is not a star-son (and not because of his raping a teenage girl) . What a shocker from Madam De. What double-standards. May be in her society ladies does things with consent or for conspiracies.


She writes in her blog “I am in a state of shock! Shiney? And rape?? I have always been a Shiney Ahuja fan. The guy is a far better actor than most of the duds hanging around. Better looking, too. Why would he rape an 18 year-old -maid working in his home as a temp? He has a lovely wife, a cute daughter… but then again, who knows what beast lurks beneath the veneer of a gentleman? His wife insists the man is being framed. The police say he has ‘confessed’. The maid has added that he threatened to kill her. The story gets murkier by the minute. Chances are Bollywood biggies will turn their backs on Shiney. In their eyes he is a nobody. Shiney isn’t a star son. Nor does he belong to any known camp. He hasn’t sucked up to any of the Khans or Bachchans either. If anything, his co-stars have accused him of being distant and unfriendly. He has always stayed away from those typical filmi set ups – no partying-shartying, no groupies, no punch ups, no courting presswallas. That’s why I liked the chap. Found him attractively aloof… a brooder. Troubled and intense. Our very own James Dean. And now this mess! Am hoping against hope the maid is a conniving b**** and not a helpless sexual victim of a star’s passing fancy. Shiney is certainly not the first ‘star rapist’ in Bollywood. Let’s see how many dirty secrets tumble out now that the Pandora’s Box has been opened.”

SAD,vERY SAD, as someone suggested Shobha De, De for Devil…