It was in Sept’2007 when we had first brush with the world of blogging. Then in fun we started a blog based on TIMT. It was titled The initial response could not be maintained as it was fun, non-serious. But its time to revive Tattaism. Much water has flown since the inception of TIMT. Many tatta’s are gone, some new have arrived, some continue to massage theirs’.

Now this ‘tatta’ is an eupheism. Its not derogatory. Its symbolic. Symbolic to all service-class. Anybody on salary is said to be a ‘tatta’. Its a word to bring out a smile out of devils servant (again symbolic and pun intended)…

Recession has broken the back of the tatta’s. They now have to bend more. And not allowed to use any sort of oil or japani tel or sarson ka tel! Enjoy the pain…..with folded hands. Ttaaatta’s never cry…they die, every minute. You raise voice and you are bound to be asssed…err axxxxed.

TIMT-now what’s it. Its a new branch for success education. All u’r degrees BTech, MBA are useless unless you have a ‘stamp of Tatta’. This is the Tatta Institute of Management and Technology. Its a new branch in non-conventional education. Tattaism is an art. Its also called apple-polishing. The quicker you learn the higher you shall grow. Its a technology. Various positions, various experiments. various angles. various results, algorithm, Time management all comes.

No age is older, no age is lower to be a ‘TATTA“. A child can be a tatta in school. Practicals, internal marks many reasons. Learning starts young. From peon to GM only tatta’s survive and grow. How so ever tees maar khan you are, it is dfinite that once in your lifetime you will see the virtue of Tattaism. You have to. The younger you start the more tattas’ you will have early in your life. So reviving this blog.This is a sarv shiksha Abhiyaan. Each One Teach One. Jai ho !!!!