Missing the Action

Its more than 3 days since my lost (err last) post.

I am not getting enough kick from any issues now-a-days. Post IPL’s (Political and cricket leagues are gone) nothing dramatic is happening. Sure WC T20 is round the corner but this is not a sports’ blog (ah! its a sport’s lover’s blog). The wisdom voting by Indian electorate have made politics action-less on controversy front….and on development front we have to give new government some time. But issues are cropping up from nowhere mainly on the external front for the govt. to tackle and to tackle wisely. Punjab-Vienna disturbance, Australian Disturbance, Pakistan snubbing India, American tilt for Pakistan as usual, Sri Lanka crisis..afffff.  Keeeeping a tab on them.

Coming to non-issues even News Channels are finding it hard to ‘create’ news.  So they are managing unsuspecting, innocent employees to speak-up controversial like in TN Medical college scam (is it!) reg. donations and all (Times Now). Some are focussing and analysing on India -Pak cricket Rivalry as they happen to play a friendly warm-up game beforre the tourney.!These channels get lifeline when something of the sort of Australian Racist attacks take place. But it is far and between. News Channels Have become Big Bore.

 Infact standards of some daily soaps have improved on Colors/Zee/Sony and Star. But tooo much of betissss…pls dont’ ignore the betas who drive these betissss…nothing feminism pessism sort-just a pun as- no other issue….

With Bollywood reeling under flops and strikes no new releases are taking place. So Entertainment is missing from our lives on all front….

cheeeeeeeeeers or chweeeeeeeeeeeer upppppp !!!