Constantly we need relations. Infact we are dependent on our relations!

Relations with parents, with spouse, with kids, with friends, in profession. These relations are dependent on the Character we poccess. We can assume that the depth of our relation is directly proportional to the level of our character. The more close you bond with someone the stronger is your character. True bonding/close bonding is very inert feeling. It is beyond words, beyond practicality and beyond life. Distances do not matter. Direct contact do not matter. Its the matching of frequency that counts the bond and then the character takes over…this is the logic of so many close contacts that are created on social networking sites without even meeting. The frequency matches and character pushes and a relationship is started.

in relations-distance  have no meaning
in relations-distance have no meaning

These Relations are our strength. They can never be weakness. If at all we someway feel thay we are lost in relationship then that relation was just a mirage. True relations are always positive. Revenge, backstabbing, double crossing etc occurs when character is destroyed from either one or all the players involved.

Real Relationships are too strong to be broken by mis-understandings.

जब सड़क पर
तपती धूप में
छाँव की तलाश रहती है

जब सूखी नज़र
गहरी प्यास में
आँसू की तलाश करती है

जब गिरती ओस
सूखने की चाह में
पत्ते की तलाश करती है

तब रिश्तों  कि
आवाज़ आती है
रिश्तों की डोर
साथ निभाती है….