As I was analysing the response to this blog of mine…I noticed one thing – which everybody is aware of also – that sex sells and is also most searched after ‘thing’ on the net. Just see the search words used by the users – bikini, bikini babes, dimple kapadia in bikini, hot shots, bollywood aunties, hot dimple kapadia, mandakini bikini, aunty hot, bollywood aunties, aunty hot….hufffffff. When these would have come to my blog they would have given sermons, would have bitched me….but my only ‘gunaah'(miss-take) was that in one of my blog I mentioned, Dimple and Mandakini !

But do we have to resort to sex…to be heard?

This is public face… Infact this Public has 2 faces…one face is the WISDOM face – as they have shown with their wisdom voting in recently concluded General elections. The other face is the LIBIDO face, sex-starved, mouth watreing element. And I am taking both the sexes- men, women, rich or poor. The wisdom face have enabled us to be the world’s largest and vibrant Democracy and an economic powerhouse. The sex face have enabled us to be the most populus State in the world, and one of the poorer one ! What an irony!

The WISDOM face is on show when faced with external threat or internal contigencies, winning moments. Large number of people, shedding their diversities become one Nation to celebrate and mourn together. The LIBIDO face is when not faced with external threat or internal contigencies, winning moments. Most will deny this. Its ethics and truly hidden/personal thing. When we not talk money or politics we talk onnnnly sex. 

Now its work time – back to Wisdom….