IPL2 have passed-of peacefully with a pulsating final showdown between Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers. Deccan Chargers were the deserving winners. So what does these 2 teams in IPL 2 have in common. Its that these were the bottom two teams in IPL 1 and that

some blogs kept us in good humour  !
some blogs kept us in good humour ! source: http://cms.mumbaimirror.com

nobody have given them a chance to reach semis’ even. But they survived odds and emerge victoriuos. The Spirit of Cricket ultimately won over glamour, show-off’s and sham-glitz- a la- KKR .

The story of IPL from being Indian Premier League to International Premier League is full of the triumph of Underdogs.  When IPL 1 commenced last season no one gave it a chance. It was projected as a business venture of money minded BCCI. It proved to be a big success. And look who won IPL1. Rajasthan Royals under fighting captaincy of impeccable Shane Warne. No one gave them chance. No stars as owners, no great names in cricket to show-off as players and economics in having supporting staff. They won. They gave stars like Asnodkar, Yusuf Pathan to Indian Cricket. Underdog emerged as the champions.

IPL 2 started  as an underdog again. It had controversies as Economic recession threatened and match days clashed with General Elections. Favorite whipping boy of the government  was Lalit Modi. He had the conviction and decided to take IPL to South Africa. He was again whhhipped for his ‘ziddi-ness’ but look how this man ultimately glorified the spirit of cricket. Through month long IPL 2, watching matched one after another on TV, we thought that these matches are not being played overseas but in India only. Packed stadiums, good music and good life…perfect. Hats-off to Mr Lalit Modi for turning mega IPL to an Internattional, global platform.Several stars crumbled. Underdogs of T20 Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly showed the material they are made off. Young novices like Kamran Khan, Amit Singh, Ravinder Jadeja, Manish Pandey etc were groomed and emerged from the shadows. Although Rajasthan Royals did not manage to enter the last four , their fighting spirit enthalled one and all. Inspite of a weak team, an injured captain Shane Warne enthused his young lot, nurtured them and managed to give a fight to all high and sundry. His team scored the highest total of 211 in the tournament and its win over KKR in super-over and Mumbai Indians in last over were just historic. Surely this underdog won our hearts onc again and were not disgraced in defeat. The tourney ended on excellent note and players and spectators have started waiting for IPL 3 which is just 8 month away.

the spirit of cricket
the spirit of cricket