we miss Him 1
we miss Him !

His smile was effervescent. His smile provided hope. His smile was just infectious. HE is Rajeev Gandhi !



On 21st May’ (Iwas 14 then) he was snatched by the terrorists. Still dosn’t understand the logic of his murder. Some suspected committed sucide, some were arrested. Nalini is in jail, facing gallows.

This year the circle of time ran a full cycle. Rajeev’s son lead revival of the Congress Party in recently held general elections. And his chief murderer Prabhakaran was finally killed. As Prabhakaran’s body was flashed it reminded us of the cruelty with which he planned and executed murder of our dear leader. My memories took me to that year in 1991 (if I remember right!)….

I lived in Karnal, N.D.R.I campus. those were also election days. Congress was on road to revival under Rajeev Gandhi after seeing the misrule of the previous Chandrashekhar and VP Singh governments. I remember how Congress withdrew support to the Chandrashekhar Govt. on some spying related issue. VP was the most hated person. Mandal and la. Rajeev Goswami was still fighting for his life from the burns he sustained during anti-Mandal agitations. Terrorism in Punjab was ebbing (!).

May be in second week of May’91 Rajeev was in Karnal for election campaigning. It was a festival like occassion. The helicopter was to land on a special helipad made on the Campus playground. We children also had an anxiety to see aeroplane from close quarter for the first time. He came, he waved, he conquered our hearts. then on 21 st May came this shattering news. I can still hear the weeps of my mother, my aunt, my neighbours. It was total mourning.Now feel how close and attached are we as citizens to the Gandhi family! Rajeev Gandhi have fallen prey to a dastardly and ghastly act of naked terrorism. It sent shock waves. Why on earth they killed him. What did they get. What point they proved? Surely they deserve a worse death than what they got recently ! The images on TV being shown now-d-days have started haunting me once again. But What political compulsion do Congress have to ally with LTTE supporter DMK ? This issue has sentimental value far greater than political compulsions….