inspired me to look within. And I realised that it is also imperative for the persons who are reading us  (globally) should know whom they are reading. WE agree, disagree on many a count but share a common interest of sharing our thoughts with the world. So I have started jostling down the points that defines ‘me’….and it is not intended to be my Bio-data…


Its difficult to know the ‘self’. But when we do know ‘self’ we create an ability to make positives out of short comings.



  1. Go into shell when in pressure – loves the PV Narsimha Rao approach of silence is the best medicine
  2. Short fuse temper – tend to say some things which I shouln’t have and I regret it later, perhaps my upbringing in Haryana is the reason
  3. Light hearted or soft hearted – when othsrs are in difficulty I make serious efforts to calm down the anxieties.
  4.  I love my wives cooking abilities -“Pls do tell her that” because i rarely appreciate someone for skills that are necessity. Like a Salesman getting a order as he was always meant to do this job. 
  5. Hate  ‘apple-polishing’ – chaaploosi – An apple polished a day…keeps difficulties away
  6. Like or dislike person at first sight – and I may be wrong, no problem! first impression, will be the last impression
  7. Xtremely political personso am accomodotive in point 3 and 4….u understand ! Have political views and enjoy the reponsibilty that the world’ largest and most vibrant democracy has bestowed on me
  8. Dedicated movie lover– loves the media of cinema and the technicians involved. Hate Piracy !
  9. Dedicated Cricket watcher – watcher-mind it! fear lether balls, u know why’ Because I fear for my balls ….
  10. Like to watch movie alone – in soltitude, in dreams for 3 hrs
  11. Yet I am a family man….enjoy to spend holidays with my kid and wife and parents at home only. U can also call me Lazy!
  12. I love animals – i love animals, when in my parental home i once had about 8 pups, 2 cows( mother and her calf), a parrot all picked up from the road in distress. I follw Meneka Gandhi
  13. Thus I am a proud vegetarian. I disliked people eating non-veg on my table (in the aprties etc) and quickly withdraw from the scene after giving a coutesy filld piece of thought to the animal-killer
  14. (definitely not a teeto-toller). I never never drink alone. And never drink when get a kick to drink. My way of being in control. Am Resistant to smoking.
  15. I am fearful of loosing – my parents, my friends…a constant fear haunts me, looking for solace (and I am serious)
  16. i hate driving – am a late learner, i learnt cycling in 4th, scooter in college and bike when in first job. 4 wheeler still not confident
  17. My take on things are off-beat –  so when everyone loves ARR i adore Anu Malik
  18. I express myself best by writing it down – I talk less
  19. I tend to support the underdogs – thats’ why in IPL 1 and 2  I supported Rajasthan Royals team !
  20. Style flounting irritates me – thats’ why I hate KKR
  21. I dress normal! My friends say I dress like an aged person. But I like plain clothes. Dislike tight fitters like Jeans and all
  22. I am a Secular Hindu…again polishing of a single community for their vote bank tens to bring out the ‘kattar (irrational) in me
  23. I am a Boss-man. Yet no apple polishing. Loyal to the immidiate boss as a pprincipal. My ex-bosses remeber me till date
  24. As a marketing professional I am different – most talkative, I act professionalism. I am in reality an introvert type
  25. I think, think and think. In fact blogging help me pour out. It helped me in becoming a mature person
  26. I dream a lot ‘aisa hota to aisa hota ‘. Take up challenges like extra ordinary targets and pour whole energy towards it
  27. I used to be egoistic. No longer afraid to say sorry! But now I act ‘professionalism’
  28. Am a Team man and dispise ‘I’ – infact very hard to work without a team. Loves to do things differently and only possible when you have a team to plan and execute.
  29. I rarely lie when serious. but love to do light hearted pranks on friends and rivals!