have some excerpts from The Big B’s blog in his tribute to Prakash Mehra the legend film maker:

“……remarkable. Somewhere among the populace there still exists a desire to appreciate and acknowledge creativity that moves the heart….

Prakash ji’s eldest son Sumeet returned from USA this morning and the cremation took place by the afternoon. Abhishek and I attended it, but the behavior of the electronic media at the crematorium was just disgusting. No respect shown for the sensitivity of the occasion. No regard for the moment and no ethics at all in maintaining some decorum for this very private and sombre ritual. All they were interested in was in getting that ‘bite’ or shoving their cameras inches away from your nose, at a moment when one desired peace and quiet. Shameful. But what of some of the mourners, if they can be called that ! They were no less. Pushing and shoving to get a position behind or near about the celebrity, so the cameras can catch them.”

So one need say more. The most opportunistic tribe in India is not the Politicians, as one is made to believe. Its  the media. To get their TRP’s and no.’s they can forego any sensitivity. We saw that in 26/11 scenario and here again, their Page 3 mentality was at work. Grow up and Be Human!

Prakash Mehra PM has passed away. He left behind a history that was largely ignored by the elite and history that laid foundation and made Bollywood of today. From Haseena Maan Jayegi, Mela, Haath Ki Safai, Zanzeer to his last few Jadugar and Bal Brhamchari, PM connected with the masses. When he felt that he no longer finding the pulse of audiences he withdrew quietly from the scene. We forgot him but continued to live on Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Lawaris and Sharabi.

Amitabh Bachchan dedicates his success to this legend film maker. Besides a film maker his pulse for music was outstanding. Osaathi re, tere bina bhi kya jeena – from Muqqada ka Sikander, Ki paage ghungroo bandhe meera naache thi – from Namak Halal, nasha sharaab mein hota to naachti botal – Sharabi illustrates his music – sense. His comic timing was impeccable that rubbed on his actors. Amitabh acknowledges this and says some of his best comic scenes were in PM’s directed movies. Remember moonche ho to Nathulal jaisi from Sharabi. Or killing of flies with sword in Namak Halal. He gave Bollywood the one and only Amitabh Bachchan and an angry Young Man who went on to become

his dues are awaited !
his dues are awaited !

 Big B. PM name from the history of Bollywood is indispensable. Without Big B he gave us some Blockbusters like Dallal with Mithun Da and Zindagi Ek Jua with Anil Kapoor.

Yet he was never awarded with awards which are considered epitome of respect. His contribution to entertaining mass India has never been acknowledged in his lifetime. Remember RD Burman. His worth was known and acknowledged only after he was gone. PM shall remain in our heart through his movies and legends he has created.

My Tribute to Prakash Mehra….