Above link is to the last post I did before the counting day. Now the results are out. And satisfing that a National Party have emerged as kingmaker and without the crutches of the likes of Lalu and the Left. I supported the BJP and Advaniji’s candidature as PM and sadly they could not create wonders and barely hold-on to their last performance (have just removed the Advani blog button). Sad, very sad. But thanks to Mr Advani and BJP to have risen in stature and contributing to politics away from regionalism and leftism. Hopeful they will be a constructive opposition.

Lalu and Left who assumed their King-maker roles have been wiped out. Paswan-Mulayam-Chandrababu Naidu-Jayalalitha all have been humbled. Bahubalis and their kins like Mukhtar Ansari, Pappu Yadav, DP Yadav have been wiped out. Shouting leaders have been humbled like Renuka Choudhary, Mani Shankar Aiyyar. Much analysis have been done by everyone who followed the elections.

So my dear friend Rohit, congrats. You were right. This results have proven one thing. Think with mind, not with heart. Hopefully now we shall again see an era of prosperity that we had in the times of Rajiv Gandhi and PVNR. WE remember and eagerly awaiting PM’s promise on ‘out of recession’ within 100days after winning polls. Lets hope for the best. Lets this positive vote by the citizens’ translate into a world of opportunities and hope.


And this weekend also ended with the news of Killing of Rajiv Gandhi’s killer Prabhakaran. Hope this brings peace for our fellow citizens of Sri Lanka and hopefully the distressed Tamil population shall be free from the quagmire of war and strife. And look Vaiko did not managed to save his face.