So…today is 15th and tommorrow the 16th May’09. The country will witness some order after gruelling last couple of months of electioneering and politikicking. Or we may see another round of disorder as most exit/opinion polls suggest. But today is the time to forget and forgive and think of the nation. Its no doubt that our politician leaders will shed their hitertho political ideological differences for the sake of One India. So lets look at positives of this election.

  • Iin retrospect thanks and congrats to all political class and Election Commission to have ensured a comparitively peaceful and almost bias free election. Issues were raised, answers given. Now some action for Nation Development
  • Congrats to general public for coming out to vote not just with their hearts but also with their mind
  • Congrats to Congress INC for giving a stable government for 5 years without compromising on principals
  • Congrats to Sonia Gandhi/LK Advani to have emerged as a strong willed political leaders.
  • And thanks to PM Manmohan Singh for continuing Nations’ economic development and insulating the nation from the vibros of our troubled neighbourhoods
  • Thanks to BJP for being a responsible opposition during this period. Its role after 26/11 attack was most mature and pesented a United India before the world.
  • And thanx to communist Left for supporting Congress for about 4.5 yrs and providing the much needed stability associated with the number games
  • Thanks to MEDIA for keeping up the tempo of elections. Raising issues and involving the Janta. Hope it shed its political blinkers the next time round
  • We wish that the players like Lalu, Mulayam, Mayawati, Shibu Soren be humbled so that they mend their ways and talks next time around
  • And we wish that 2 national parties BJP or Congress should lead in govt. formation and not give chance to the likes of Deve Gowda to be in slumber as nation fights on various fronts.

So the Nation have decided. Its over to President.

 I shall now be available on Monday the 18th May’09. As I would be busy in Govt. formation at the Centre.:). Have to look into political games, moves and alliances.:):). Have to decide whom to call for government formation.:):):). Now isn’t that a Presidents Job? But it is also a CITIZENS’ job. Isn’t It ?