The D-day is coming on 16 May’09. And we all have resigned to the fact that after this results we will witness a game of power, greed, ambitions, counter-ambitions, ‘secularism’, agendas etc.etc. Also simmer of another 10,000 cr elction within 2 years. India would be forgotten. Assuming power would be everyones’s priority.

It is heartning to hear san voices now. Sudhindra Kulkarni, noted columnist in The Indian Express mentions the need of tu(you) & me instead of tutu-main main. Hinting at politics of Nation development. How much will come out of it is to be seen but it clearly hinted the point I made at the start of election season… see this link.

There are few leaders who have emerged more mature after this round of Elections: LK Advani (although a vetern, kept up the dignity that has to be associated with a senior politician), Priyanka Gandhi (again maintained dignity of the High family she associates with and would definitely emerge face of the Congress sooner than later), Narendra Modi ( focussed on development in the entire campaign), Nitish Kumar (his work is noticed by all friends and opponents) and No least Varun Gandhi from an Gandhi family outcast to Yuva Hindu Samraat.

And their were some politicians who degraded this game of Democracy. Lalu Prasad is No. 1 so disgusted is he that he returned with his wife to gali ka gunda image. Even his ally in UPA, the Congress is praising his arch rival Nitish Kumar.Rahul Gandhi maintained his stature until that press conference. Showed his desperation for power. And his wooing his erstwise rivals & opponents as allies. Amar Singh – no need to mention why?

Also a confession to make – it has been a dilemma that to whom so ever I supported have never won. Be it at school level elections, college elections, panchayat elections or this Lok Sabha elections. And everytime I am heart-broken. Itne tukde hue, ko yahaan gira koi wahaan gira. o this time I have not voted. But my inclinateion is clear. And I fear that this inclination can come in the way of some ambitions. Forgive me sir, for being your supporter.