Why do Americans hate the press?

Maybe it’s because so many reporters are in bed with the rich and powerful.

By MARK SCHAPIRO (http://www.salon.com/media/media961022.html)

So like everything U.S. this breed of disease is coming to India. And its eroding the ethics and integrity of the fourth pillar of Indian Democracy.

We have channels like CNN-IBN & NDTV that are owned by Journalists. These journos in their younger days took  journalism to new highs. Rajdeep Sardesai and Pronnoy Roy were the name we put our trust on. After their corporatisation the business man took over. And Rightly so. To survive competition, to gather news, to retain quality people you need moolaah. Business is a practical thing. But. But Journalism is something objective. Its not passing judgements or taking sides. Its about giving an idea to listening/reading public so that informed decisions are taken leading  to informed rxns thus strengthning of Democracy that we are so proud of.

Everyone wants to be an entrpreneur. Everybody needs money. So are journalists. Valid point. But taking ‘public’ for a ride with mis-information is a social crime. Recently heard one point made by Prabhu Chawla in an interview with him by a RJ on Radio Mheow on being asked on about journos’ converting to Corporates – he said with sadness (as I had interpreted it) that as journos people like him, Arun Shourie, Karan Thapar are leaving a trail of talents, they are leadng by examples … but these corpoates are leaving nothing for the future generations’.

Media biasness is most evident for the slant that these JTC’s (Journo turned Corporates) enterprises have taken. They look like Congress spokesman B-Party. They rake artificial issues, debate it to the last and come out with obvious conclusions ( would recommend to read http://vidrohisvar.blogspot.com to feel this biasness). No wonder these news channels are looking to ruling party for a bail-

at the top OR at the bottom!
at the top OR at the bottom!

out.  But what if the Congress did not return. Then what they will do a convinient U-turn. Business is practical UC.