As I increasingly get involved in computer networking technology – or you can safely say getting techno-driven, increasingly online –  I am facing a problem. And its growing majorly. With no solution in-sight.

Take the list –

  1. 2 banks
  2. Reliance online Bill Pay – 2 connections
  3. WordPress account
  4. 2 GMail account
  5. Official mail address
  6. Bollywood Hungama Blog
  7. Facebook
  8. Orkut
  9. Yaari
  10. Hi5
  11. stylefm
  12. i dont’ remember anymore.

Yes,this is the problem. I don’t remember. These issues mentined above are those where I need to remeber log-in and passwords to enter. To avail the services. It is incresingly burdening my ‘small’ mind.

Any solutions! One I suggest like a common mobile no. for all networks we can have common user names or passwords! OR as some politicians say hell to english and computers i say hell online. But its the necessity. Your take please.