All the nalysis on news TV were indicating high voter turnout especially in Mumbai. Stars were pitching to vote, news channels pitching voters to vote and everything failed. In fact the scenario shows that the system has failed. And celebrerties and news TV have lost their moral high grounds and I can safely say their integrity.

Aaam aadmi now understands that everything is motivated, everything is money matter and everything is artificial. That is why of late we have seen frustrated aam aadmi resorting to shoe-mania. Now the common man on the street wants to be heard. Low turnout is eveidence of this desperation to be heard. This case is similar to high turnout in J&K aSSembly elections or high voter turnout in naxalite infested Red zone. Here citizens wanted to vote against violence, to shun violence. So they showed their will and strength by defying boycott calls. In mumbai they have slapped the administration and the political and elitist class. Mumbai have seen terror activities in the name of nation, religion and region. All in the name of Mumbai-kaars. They have seen there brethern beaten with sticks all becuase they are not Maharashtrians. They have seen unscrupulous political deeds of its stars Sanjay Dutt and Govinda latest case in point. They have seen their elcted class falling to depths. They have seen their former Congress CM and Home mImister trivilisding their sacrifices with ‘ Taj Tour’ after 26/11. They have seen their Sharad Pawar nursing his PM ambitions and being looked like a swinging pot. They have seen their Shivraaj patil, another elite politician from maharastra changing his dresses over the blood of victims. The Mumbaikaars has seen how their News channels can be ‘bought’ to have biased views. they have seen their lovely anchors like Barkha Dutt suing a lone blogger for his criticism of their coverage politics. They understand how their CNN Rajdeep Sardesai helped ruling Congress in cahs for vote scam. Surely everybody has enjoyed at cost of peoples’ trust.

Mumbai being nations’ face have coveyed its displeasure to todays sordid times. Let the Nation awake.