you are cute

you are sweet

when lips meet

love is complete”

Truly beating Shakespere, Ghalib and Gulzaar. These lines are taken from a teenagers T-Shirt. I have a strange habit of reading slogans on T-Shirts. Well they do give insights (don’ ask me insights of what?).The other day on a girls T I saw – “I am a V…….ictim”. This can make reader the victim. Because every ‘normal’ MCP will read it the way I did. And are everready to help any v……..ictim. Dont’ take it otherwise. You see some T shirts have air planes made on them. Why…..airports and helipads are supposed to be flat! Why this imagination that turn-on the wild imagination of MCP’s like us.

‘I get everything I set my mind to – now where did I set my mind?’ an important point made. Mind goes to something wild. That why they say ‘sx sells…and here its not costly.’ The more you are among the trendy the more you n’joy T shirt reading.

‘Teachers are Weapons of Mass Instruction’- big thing said in small words. And surely I amForever Jung’. But wilder the better. The better borders on sexism – take it – I suffer from premature infatuation’. Now it was almost preposterous. But the day is saved.

This one is pleading – ‘If you don’t want me looking, stop looking so good!’. ok gooddddd going. But ‘yaatri apne saman ki hifazat khud karein’. 

 ‘LOOK, but don’t touch…’

‘…But I feel 4 u’ & ‘Touching is feeling’…

heart broken…never mind “…Women are like buses. Once one runs you down, there’ll be another along, to do the same, in a few minutes”.

But this one was inviting. I almost ended up illiterate. It said “I’m a good book. Wanna curl up with me?” Being an avid reader i said  Yes…almost then realised it could be a bobby trap!

I am just observing as my blog tag goes. No preaching because ‘The Worst Vice Is ADVICE’. It is that most of the times those wearing Tee do not realise that what they are conveying. It is that they may not be understanding the natural consequences or meaning of these off-cut remarks.

And i do understand that “I am not anti-social,SOCIETY is anti-me” cummm’onnnnnnn…missing quality slogans this election


‘whattt a fcuk’