The Election-2009 are getting Bloodier, Murkier and Merrier.

Infact on the surface these polls look like a silent-era movie. Slow, dull, boring, list less. With EC danda, over-reaching pro-activism these elections have lost their sheen. Well, almost! The excitement are coming from 2 players of democracy. One stakeholders themselves -the politicians and 2. from those following them 24×7 i.e. the news channels (they are the  new entertainment channels !). I imagine that if these two players would have been subdued the elections would have been like AKi’s CC2C, or Manmohan Singh’s aggression speech – all hype, loud, artificial and dud. But we are thankful to these politicians who have atleast given us opportunity to enjoy    ‘ biggest game of Democracy’.

Perhaps till date almost every politician contesting would have got notices from EC for violation of election code of conduct. And all these incidents taken up by the media. And played out so loud that these serious issues have become ‘laughing points’.

  • Distribution of notes and pegs.
  • formation of third front. And then fourth front – a front within UPA.
  • Hate speeches bordering to vulgarism.
  • still making out meaning of Rabri’s remark – Nitish is lallan’s saala and lallan is Nitish’s saala ! Can anyone explain this to me. It indeed look comic. Cant’ expect more from her.
  • Sanjay Dutt’s semi-automatic-biography. He tortured for TADA for being son of Muslim mother. Was Nargis Muslim, I thought till Sanjay’s statement that she is one of the finest and beautiful INDIAN lady.
  • Salman Khans’ / Priety Zinta roadshow for candidates, no ‘party’ intended.
  • Star rebellion for no-tickets – Govinda, Naghma.
  • Cricketers bowled out –  Madan Lal sustaining heart attack at time of nomination. Azhar managing ticket and professing his desh-bhakti(errr…sonia bhakti) perhaps thinking that elections are matches that can be fixed.
  • Shoe-nama (anticipating many more)
  • Manmohan’s tirade(!) against Advani
  • Sonia’s tirade against Advani
  • Rahul’s tirade against Advani.
  • One Cong spokesman wanted Atal and Advani to be thrown in Arabian Sea (gave him the chance to be on TV).
  • Suspense over Varun’s fate in SC.
  • Mayawati comparing herself with Mother Teresa.
  • Mayawati for Mukhtar Ansari ‘garibon kka masiha, Robinhooooood!’.
  • And the best Modi’s U turn on Congress – from budia to gudia.

Aah. Pls contri your bits too, so that we can compile or run a contest on ‘Best incident that made-up the election season’.