2min solutionLaunched in early 80’s Maggi instantly caught the imagination of middle class India. 2 min hunger – solution Maggi became a household name with whole lot of fame.  30 years later Maggi still commands respect. Maggi to noodles is like Lux to soap, Colgate to toothpaste and BigB to bollywood. Its THE MOST popular offering from the Nestle group.  We also have sauces, soups piggy-backing on noodles.

Seeing my noodle-love I was sometimes referred to as Maggi Bhaiyaa by kids of my society. Infact as a cook I take pride in being expert in making 2 things – Maggi noodles and Tea (zero in rest form of cookery). Put 1 & half cup of water+masala from the pack+2 onions in a pan, boil it, then put the noodles in the pan, wait and stir for 2 minutes, the magic is ready. Whenever I am alone or down Maggi rejuvenates me. Maggi Masala is my favorite. Also I did try Rice and Atta noodlees, nothing can match Masala flovor. I get regular scolds from my father for this addiction. But who cares.  I was told that i would get ulcer if i eat too much maggi. But who cares!

But…But…but of late Masala is loosing on its earlier taste. Economic recession, cost cutting or R&D ? I don’t care! I want my flavor back. From last couple of months I am compelled to try out  other brands. TopRamen, Hakka Noodles. No good. Smith & …yes, the atste i want. With better distribution and penetration and with Masala degrading/altering its taste Smith & Jones can soon beat Maggi noodle.

And that will be the saddest day…