So…my first movie was , you see…..ummmh….its VEER GHATOKCH. Can you believe it. Neither can I ! anyway I am told that the film was great hit at that time. I am trying to google-out some clips but not finding them. It was that we resided in an University which had auditorium for screening movies. Most of the residents were regular to the audi.

So to avoid shocks to me would go to the maxi length I remember.

Oki…it was Pyasa Sawan, movie that i remember. You remember? Released in 1981. I was 5 yr old then…and I remember the movie! I remember that the song ‘o’meri chammak challo, o mere sawan bhado…‘ view video here. Jitendra (Jitender!), Mausmi Chaterjeee…goood crying social movie. Infact my parents would leave my elder sister and younger bro home and would take me for the outing. Thank U parents. They knew that movies have a thrareupatic effect on me. Once they took me to child specialist in Karnal (Haryana). Dr Shyamal Sen. I suffer from Asthama since very young. I insisted to my parents that take me to the movie BAAZI(1984). Its posters were all around the place. And way to doctor had about 2 cinema halls in between. My request was turned down and laughed down. Ok…it toook my parents 600/-Rs medicine and 30/- Rs doctor fee to give me relief from my condition.  What a f*#* i could not get photographs of Baazi tooo. Teri Kasam (1982) was another movie at that time I remember. Kumar Gaurav was my favourite at that time. Again can u believe it?  Love Story was huge hit. I dint’ remember now as to how i came to know Kumar Gaurav as it is now few years back that I catched upto Love Story. Anyway i love the movie. I loved the songs – ‘Yeh zameen gaa rahi hai, aasma gaa raha hai, saath mere yeh saara jahaan gaa raha hai’. And ‘geet woh hai, haan ji haan geet woh hai’, ‘mere geeton mein meri kahaniyaan hai’. My mother told me that I used to remember lyrics of these  songs. I loved them, they are itched in my sub-conscious. I remember the shot that after a song villain shoots Kumr Gaurav with a gun hidden in the book he was carrying! Perhaps RD Burmans’ jewels these songs are !…  so when we came back to home after the evening show we realised that thieves have a search of our house. Thank Prabhu Deva, everything was safe. In night I heard some noises in the back verandah. Thieves?  Was promptly made to sleep….

coming up in my ‘filmy’ cycle-part 3 – Loha, Mr India, Khuda Gawah…and entry of VCR