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As I was about to blog on Lalu’s latest preposterous comments on Varun Gandhi….I got an SMS – ” aaj agar hindu Varun ke saath nahin khade honge to hinduon ke saath kaun khada hoga! Release Varun to down with pseudo-seculars …” I have just forwarded it to about 117 persons in my phone address book….


Such are my emotional burst at Varuns’ predicament. Have never met him, although I have been passive admirer of her mothers’ animal activism and her ‘Heads and Tails’ program. 

 But the recent events have created an unrest in me. When Varun can be a victim of ‘hate politics’ who will I look upto. I – the aam aadmi. Thanks to the blog Revolution that I can pour out my feelings, otherwise what would have happened to me. Varun is an educated young Politician. He said something derogatory as claimed by his Mama, now a Congress candidate from Pilibhit. The ‘congressised media ‘ have used term ‘hate marketing’ for those supporting Varun. Surely media’s  particularly the english one like NDTV, CNN will have lot to answer for their selective activism against Varun.

He is now in Jail under NSA. And now look who’s talking. Mayawati – compares herself with Mother Teresa (omg) and insists that Meneka has not instilled proper sanskaars’ in varun. Oh…ho! What Mayawati did to Kanshi Ram and his parents is well known. What Mayawati use to do on her Birthday, collecting forced donations is also well known. Now this Lalu act. He says ‘ If I were the Home Minister I would have crushed Varun under roller for his remarks, no matter what the consequences’ . So Elction Commission are u there? Since Lalu is Sonias’ prodigy you will dare to advice his party to desist him from canvassing for them Do you have the guts to tell him mind his tounge. Is not Lalu’s comment grave provocation to Hindus. And….note that lalu said this while campaigning for Shahabuddin in Karim Nagar constituency, who is a convict and a known anti-national. Does Priyanka now advice Lalu to read Geeta. Does Rahul Gandhi wants his cousin to be crushed under roller?

It is provocative. We are ashamed Hindus who can just talk. Perhaps time is now coming for us to make sacrifices. Rise Intellectuals. Be together and teach these lame politicians the real taste of Hinduism and democracy….


Being Pro Varun does not mean I am anti -Muslim. Islam is a lovely religion : I got a lovely reply from Shri Abdul Rab (in context to the earlier sms, mentioned above, that i have passed on) – ” if we continue to support and vote for people like varun or abdullah bukhari or modi or advani, soon our country will become Pakistan controlled by religious bigots. if we luv our country we should vote for such people who unite us and just think of country and does not use religion, caste, or hatered for one community to polarise other community”. When I replied that then to whom 2 vote and that is NSA on Varun justified, he said-“there are thosand criminals like mukhtar ansari or munna bajrangioutside without NSA. First we shld fix themPeople like Varun will correct with time because he is not a habitual offender. U are right his case is not worth NSA. Mayawati will not get benefit from Muslims on this issue.also we start getting into active politics soon we will have good people around, we should not give up hopes.Human development is based only on hopes” Really soothing words this. It has made me relaxed a bit.