Today was another tragic day in Paks’ violent history. But I see an irony in this attacke also. In fact everything arising from Pak (whether its attack on SL cricket team, or any other activity) looks so stage mnged. Certainly Pak is facing a CREDIBILITY CRISIS. I am getting a hunch after hearing these attacks. Pak Govt. will show it as a 26/11 Mumbai type attack. Hostage drama will ensue. Assuring maximum publicity. Then few of the terrorist attackers would be captured alive…a.k.a. Kasab. Now there will be a propoganda that Indians were the attackers who are arrested. Consiparacy was hatched in India and then they would want Advani, Modi and Thackery to be deported to Pak and be tried for this terrorist attack. In the present scenario they can also name Varun Gandhi as the mastermind. As he is already booked under NSA! Congree govt. which believes in good relations with Pakistan would readily agree to deportation of couple of these named. Advani and Thackrey are too old to be deported. So this way they will help India look like Pakistan again after failure to stage IPL in India.

So keeping fingers crossed expect some action !!! my tributes to the lost lives in this cruel battle which no one knows the reason for it to be fought.